Tibetan Folklore Ensemble Of The Tibetan Community of Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Tibetan Folklore

In 1949 Tibet was occupied by the forces of the red army, which up to then had existed as an independent state. As the suppression and violations of human rights became ever more worst, the Tibetan people on 10 March 1959 rose to a desperate rebellion. This rebellion was bloodily struck down and His Holiness The 14 Dalai Lama fled to India, where he was granted political exile. En suite approximately 100,000 Tibetans followed him into exile. In order to secure the preservation of the distinctive Tibetan culture of music and dance, in 1960 under the guidance and  impact of His Holiness The 14 Dalai Lama,  the Tibetan  Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) was founded in India. For the same reasons, the Tibetan Folklore Society also came into being here in Switzerland in 1966.

We are the folklore ensemble of the Tibetan Community of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which was maintained over the generations by bands of selfless volunteers, amateurs, actors and men of vision.

Our goal is to retain our distinct Tibetan culture and pass it on to the next generation of young Tibetans presently growing up in the Western world.

Currently, our group consists of 38 dedicated people, willing to sacrifice their leisure for the cause. Our youngest member is 7 years old.

We typically rehearse twice a month every Sunday afternoon. Fee, gained from our shows is our only source of income and are fully responsible for the various expenses incurred (travel expenses, rental of training premises, maintenance costs of the costumes and instruments, etc).  

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Folklore Ensemble der Tibeter Gemeinschaft CH & FL

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