History and Objectives of TCSL

The Tibetan community in Switzerland & Liechtenstein (TCSL) is (with our approximately 7'500 members) the largest Tibetan exile community in Europe. The community was created in 1973. Impetus for this was the increasingly greater awareness of the Tibetan in the exile for their cultural identity and the political situation at home.

Since 1995 TCSL orders over statutes of a political municipal code. TCSL has 25 Sections with 25 Section Leaders, headed by a President and Vice President. TCSL maintains a close and constructive co-operational relationship with the Tibet Office, the European representatives of exile parliament, the Tibet institute, the Tibetan woman organization in Switzerland, the association of Tibetan youth in Europe, the society of Swiss-Tibetan friendship and the three organizations of the three Provinces of Tibet as well as with other institutions.

TCSL pursues the following objectives:

  • In the context of the democratic condition of the Tibetan government in the exile and under the spiritual and political guidance H.H The Dalai Lama, to pursue an active and engaged participation in all non violent activities for the promotion and regaining of our legitimate rights and  strengthen commitment for the Tibetan cause.
  • Intensification of the public relations.
  • Continuation of the democratization processes within the exile communities.
  • Preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage.
  • The following three associations are offshoots in this regard.
  • The folklore association serves to preserve and spread within our own exile society and also among the local population, the uniqueness and importance of the Tibetan culture and tradition.
  • The Tibetan schools association are organized into seven regional Tibetan classes which are held during weekends
  • TCSL publishes a Tibetan publication, which is distributed besides the personal subscribers to all sections of the Tibetan government-in-exile and many NGOs in India. TCSL also operates a trilingual (T/D/E) website.
  • Strengthen the unity among Tibetans and co-operation with other organizations

Bank details:

Credit Suisse, 8070 Zurich
Clearing-Nr.4355, account-Nr.281347-01

Contact address:

Tibetan Community in Switzerland & Liechtenstein
Binzstrasse 15
CH-8045 Zurich