Kalon Tripa and Europe Chitue election held in Switzerland

Switzerland, March 20:  Tibetans in Switzerland and Liechtenstein as elsewhere around the world went to polls on sunday to elect a new Prime Minister (Kalon Tripa) and members of the 15th Tibetan Parliament (law making body).

Keeping in view the special significance of  this election, with the formal announcement from His Holiness of his decision of political abdication and the ensuing follow up of political power devolution, there was an extra interest and participation from the people. An active media helped in generating greater awareness and participation from the people. Personal campaigns and rounds of debates among the candidates organized by various organizations  played an important role in creating a vibrancy in the present elections. The election saw a  huge number of people participation.

At few selected poling stations, the elections were carried under the supervision and observation of special delegations. The president of ICT, members from European parliament and representatives of non governmental Organizations have observed the whole process of Exile Tibetan Election.


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