One more monk self-immolates in Tibet

October3: Reports are coming in from reliable sources that another monk in Ngaba region of eastern Tibet set himself on fire today.
The incident reportedly occurred in the turbulent Ngaba region which has witnessed three self immolations this year alone.
The London based rights group, Free Tibet, has tweeted that the incident happened at around 2 pm Tibet time.
Although there is no information on the identity of the monk or his condition, Free Tibet says that he is a relative of monk Lobsang Phuntsog who died in March this year after setting himself ablaze protesting China’s occupation of Tibet and calling for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
On September 26, two monks from the under siege Kirti Monastery, Lobsang Kalsang, younger brother of monk Lobsang Phuntsog and Lobsang Kunchok, both around 18 years of age set themselves on fire in an anti-China protest in the central town of Ngaba. Their whereabouts and condition are not yet known.

This is the fifth incidence in this year alone when China’s repressive policies in Tibet have forced Tibetans to take the drastic step of self-immolation as a non-violent mean to protest China’s rule over Tibet.

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