Parliament urges China to end repression in Tibet, appeals to Int'l community for help

DHARAMSHALA: The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile has strongly urged the Chinese government to immediately stop end atrocities in Tibet and sought help from the international community to facilitate the release of Tibetans detained in the ongoing peaceful protests in eastern Tibet.

The widespread peaceful protests by the Tibetan people living in all the three traditional provinces of Tibet since 2008 are the expressions of their genuine resentment against the Chinese government's wrong policies in Tibet, the Standing Committee of the Parliament said in a statement yesterday.

Instead of looking into their grievances, the Chinese government is leveling baseless allegations against the Tibetans in order to suppress, intimidate, beat, arrest, imprison and sentence them to death without fair trials, the Parliament said. 

The series of ongoing peaceful protests by Tibetans in Karze in eastern Tibet's Kham province are repercussions of the Chinese government's wrong policies, it said.

The Parliament expresses deep concern over the untold suffering inflicted on Tibetans in general, and particularly about the fate of over 22 Tibetans who are arrested and tortured since the protests have begun in Karze since 6 June.  
The Chinese government must immediately stop the policies that it inflicts on Tibetans to terrorise and provoke them, it said.

We also called on the governments and organisations across the world, and the international community to urge the Chinese government to release all those Tibetans who have been detained and languishing in prisons, it added.

Braving brutal crackdown by the Chinese authorities in Karze, the Tibetans, including monks, nuns and lay people, have been making strong demands for return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and fundamental human rights in Tibet.

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