Tibetan community of section Luzern took part in Venite

Tibetan community of section Luzern took part and represented Tibet in Venite, the yearly winter festival of Luzern. The festival , which runs a christmas market from 13th to 16th December is a space of inter cultural mélange that encourages exchange and promotes peaceful cohabitation in diversity.

Representatives from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds are given a space to put up stalls.

The Tibetan community of Section Luzern ran a stall for the fifth consecutive year. Members of the community put out a great show of teamsmanship in working for hours braving the cold weather.

The event has been the chief source of fund for the community for the last five years. The stall sold momo and chowmein which turned out to be a crowd favorite.

Although a success, "It would have been more successful interms of turn over, had there not been competition from one private Tibetan stall also selling Tibetan food." told by community member.


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