Peace March fromLuzern to Geneva

Today 9th November 2011 at 9.00 a.m. a group of Tibetans from Luzern canton started a peace march form Luzern to Geneva. They want to amplify the outcry of Tibetans inside Tibet for justice and basic human rights. Since March 2011, eleven young Tibetan monks and nuns have self immolated to protest against the ruthless Chinese Govt. policy. With this peace march as Tenzin Chorten Dhewatsang says "We are also here to give a voice to the last 
will of those deceased countrymen and women under unbearable circumstance created by Chinese Govt." they want the Internaltional body like UN to take an action and protect Tibet and Tibetans.

Although this march started off with 6 Tibetan from Luzern and 2 from other cantons, Mr. Tenzin Chorten Dhewatsang expects and welcomes other Tibetans and Tibet supporter to join along on the way. Their march to Geneva is about 275 k.m. With coverage of about 23 k.m. per day, they planned to reach the destination on 21th Nov. 2011. The planned route is Wolhusen, Huttwil, Langnau, Worb, Bern, Murten, Payerne, Moudon, Lausanne, Genthod till Geneva.

On the press release it reads in bold "11 cases of self-immolations in Tibet! Where is justice for Tibet?" .
press release in English
press release in Tibetan

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