A panel discussion for upcomming Chitue election

Saturday, 09.01.2016

Today at 13.00 pm at Hotel Kreuz, Jona/Rapperwill, Tibetan Community in Switzerland & Liechtenstein (TCSL) has organized a panel discussion with 8 top canidates from the preliminary election for the upcomming final Chitue's election. 

According to the results from preliminary election held last year, top eight canidates for European and south Africa Chitue for the term 16th of Tibetan Parliament in Exil are shortlisted. Among 6 candidates who has joined the The discussion today are current Chitue Ven. thupten Wangchen (Spain), current Chitue Wangpo Tethong (Swiss), Mr. Samdo Jampa Tsering (Swiss), Mr. Gyalrong Thunten Gysatso (France), Mr. Duktsatsang Tenzin Woeser (Swiss) and Tenzin 59 (France). 

The discussion was opened with a Tibetan National anthem and a minute of silence observed for Tibetans who died for the cause of Tibet. Thereafter the President of TCSL, Mr. Nyinbu la made an introductory speech, in which he has said that the disscussion has been organized with an endorsement from the election commission of the CTA. He also made a clarification of 2 candidates who didn't take part in the discussion, Mr. Lobsang Gangshontsang (Former President of TCSL) pulled himself back due to enough candidates but assured his commitment to serve the community in any other capacity and Namgyal Tsomo (Norway), despite repeated effort couldn't be reached to inform of this discussion round.

In the first session each candidate is given a short time to introduce themselves to the gathered public. It was followed by round of offcial questions from the board of TCSL. After half an hour of tee break, at 2.40 pm, the session has resumed for a second time with opportunatiy to ask questions from audience. More than dozen of people took this opportunaty to ask various questions. 

The discussion was joined by as many as over one hundred people including some previous Chitues. It was ended with thank you Kathak and a small gift from the President of TCSL.

pictures from the event

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