Apple Computing supports Tibetan Language

London: A recent update by Apple on Monday (22nd November) for all of its mobile devices included the capability of using the Tibetan language. The latest update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, iOS 4.2, fully supports display of Unicode Tibetan and a Tibetan input method for virtually all applications.
In 2005, Lobsang Monlam, a monk from Sera Monastery, developed the unicode Tibet font Monlam Bod-yig that is now included in an update downloaded by millions of people worldwide. At the time of creation he said, "until today, we write Tibetan in a Word document and then attach the file with our email. Now people can chat and write emails in Tibetan language directly."

The recent Apple update has been greatly received by Tibetan's support groups "a small step for Ven. Monlam, a giant leap for Tibetan language," said Tendor Dorjee, executive director of Students for a Free Tibet.


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