China Sentences Buddhist Monk to Three Year Prison Term

Dharamshala: A Chinese court called "Kanlho Intermediate People's Court" sentenced Sungrab Gyatso, a monk of Mu-ra Monastery, eastern Tibet to three years prison term on 16 December 2010; said a report published on Monday (20 December by India based Tibetan Human Right group.
Sungrab Gyatso was first arrested on 17 March 2008 from Machu County and was released after few days. On 18 May 2008 he was arrested again from Machu County but released. The last arrest was done on 25 March 2010 from Machu County and has been in prison till now.

Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) said tha the Chinese authorities accused him to be the leader of the peaceful protest by the students in Machu County in March 2010.

Sungrab Gyatso, age 34, born in Mu-ra region, is a monk of Mu-ra Monastery in Machu County, eastern Tibet, 'Kanlho Prefecture ‘Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture' ‘(TAP)' Kansu. He is the editor of Rewa-kang-lam (Tib translation: March of Hope) magazine, also a member of the Bod-amae-rangke-larso-tsokpa (tib trans: mother-tongue restoration) association. He is also a teacher at the Tsa-thang bod yig yig-mo sel-wae lobdae (tib trans: Eliminating the ignorance of Tibetan language in Tsathang) school.

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