Dalai Lama in Basel: 1st Day teaching at the St. Jabokshalle

Undeterred by the freezing minus winter temperature, Thousands of Tibetans, non-Tibetans from all walks of life flocked to the venue of His Holiness, First day teaching’s program at St. Jakobshalle in the swiss town Basel, The hall where the teaching were organised was packed to the capacity, In the morning session apart from the planned teaching theme, His Holiness expressed the importance of understanding and learning Buddhism wish a spirit of inquiry and willingness to learn. By doing so, His Holiness calls the Buddhist of the 21st Century.

The afternoon session started with a question and answer followed by explanation on the Buddhist concept of ‘emptiness ‘ (shungata). this formed a part of the afternoon session on the “eight verses of training the mind”,  The day’s teaching concluded with an extra hour of extended teaching.

In the evening, Dr. Mathieu Ricard gave a talk on “Towards a more Altruistic Society” and Folklore Ensemble of TCSL presented “Dances from the roof of the world” infant of 500 guest.


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