Dalai Lama opens Newark peace conference

Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, gestures as he sits on a panel at the Newark Peace Education Summit early Friday.

The Dalai Lama is urging participants at a peace summit to work on finding inner peace as a key to making positive change in the world.

The Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader spoke Friday morning at the start of the Newark Peace Education Summit.

The 1989 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize spoke on a panel with two other Nobel laureates, interfaith leaders and peace activists.

He said if the 20th Century was one marked by wars, the 21st Century must be a century of dialogue.

He'll speak on an afternoon panel with Newark community activists and others.

The conference is being organized by New York-based Tibet House U.S. and the Drew A. Katz Foundation.

It features 100 speakers during three-days of panel discussions on peace.



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