Handing Over of The Swiss Tibetan Language School

The handing over of the responsibilities of the outgoing executive members of the 15th STLS to the newly appointed members took place in all solemnity at the Zurich Binz office on 11.04.2015.
On this occasion , the following highlights of accomplishments during 15th STLT tenure were made :

1). Common Curriculum & Text books with teaching aids and resources.
2). Formulation of standard rules & regulations.
3). Meeting of experienced teachers to share their experiences & ideas.
4). Literary & Cultural Competition among the Tibetan Schools in Switzerland.
5). Procedural guidelines governing the appointment of new executives of STLS.

In conclusion, besides highlighting the aforesaid remarkable achievements , the handing over of the stocks concerning the official documents , text books & the other stock items was done in totality meticulously , much to the satisfaction of all members present at the event.

Report written by Pema Sonam

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