'Happy Times in Old Lhasa' by a Chinese writer

Kalon Kesang Yangkyi Takla of DIIR, Ms. Zhu Rui, writer of the book, and Mr. Sangay Kep of the China Desk, DIIR. Photo/ Nyima /DIIR

DHARAMSHALA: A new book authored by a Chinese writer, Zhu Rui which gives a comprehensive description of old Tibet's social structure before the Chinese Communist takeover was launched here in Dharamsala by Kalon Kesang Yangkyi Takla of the Department of Information and International Relations on Friday, 25th March 2011. 

The book is written in Chinese and is a historical record based on the author's interviews with individuals belonging to different sections of old Tibetan society. It provides a vivid description of the social conditions of old Tibet based on the experiences of people from all social spectrum in Tibet from 1880s to 1960s.
Ms. Zhu Rui on releasing the book said that she has written the book based on the real life story of a Tibetan aristocrat lady Yangzom Tsering and on interviews with nomads, farmers, every spectrum of Tibetans of that period. She mentioned that she has written real names of the interviewees.    

Tibetan aristocracy resembles Tibetan culture. Tibetan culture is a very rich culture because of Buddhism. Tibetan society was a peaceful and secure society, added Ms. Zhu Rui.

Kalon Kesang Yangkyi Takla appreciating Ms Zhu Rui said, this book is a very important book as it is written by a Chinese woman based on by her  meticulous research for 10 years and by interviewing Tibetans on their real life stories.

The Kalon said, even after 50 years of Tibet's occupation by the Communist China, Tibetans are still suffering and because of this such a writing based on reality is helpful in telling the true story of Tibet.

The book is dedicated to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the indomitable spirit of the Tibetan people. It features a foreword by Tsering Woeser, a Tibetan writer and poet based in Beijing, who is well-known for her prolific writings on Tibet-related issues. 

This is her fourth book on Tibet in a series starting from Mysterious Tibet published in China in 2002; Listen to Tibet published in Taiwan in 2009 and His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibet's Cultural Preservation published in Dharamsala in 2009. 

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