His Holiness the Dalai Lama met about 20 reporters in Zürich, Switzerland

On 21. September 2018 at Hilton hotel, Zürich His Holiness received about 20 reporters and at the press conference, he emphasized about his three main commitments. „whenever I meet with the press I always introduce my three main commitments. I perceive that we all seven billion human being in this world are basically the same. We all want to have the ultimate goal, a happy life. Second is religious harmony and it is extremely sad that at some places there are brutal killings and violence in the name of religion. It is not impossible to build a society with religious harmony and India is the best example of it. India is the second most populated country in the world. three thousand years ago in India, many religions existed. Although there had been doctrinal disputes, generally these major religions co-existed peacefully. Thirdly for the Tibetan struggle I have dissolved my political power in 2001 to the leader elected freely by Tibetan people. I am committed to preserving Tibetan religion and cultural heritage. Our culture is originated from India and we came to know that we preserved and maintained the rich Indian ancient culture. The Tibetan language is the best suited to explain ancient Indian wisdom. The Tibetan language is like a precious gift to the whole world. Regarding the Tibet's environment, it is the third pole of earth and it is not only an issue of Tibet but for billions of people. One of the main responsibilities of being a reporter is to bring awareness and educate the people“ and then His Holiness started to take questions from reporters and to a question of a reporter asking what is the main purpose of his 15th visit to Swiss, His Holiness replied that in the past it was due to his health and secondly he wanted to remind the young generation of our culture and heritage because of the reason that there is real danger for young people losing cultural identity and heritage. Another reporter asked that even though they took much effort to gain happiness but it brings more stress and how to avoid that problem. His Holiness replied that when he was 16 years old he lost freedom and at the age of 24 the country was invaded. there had been lots of problems in Tibet at that time but at a young age, he received the training of mental contemplation from precious and rich wisdom that passed from ancestors to ancestors. The main cause is to cultivate our own mental peace and compassion. After answering questions from reporters for about one hour His Holiness left to the anniversary of 50 years jubilee of Rikon monastery. Tomorrow His Holiness will be at the ceremony of 50 years Tibet institute Rikon at Eulachhalle, Winterthur. Rikon Tibet Institute was established in 1968 and financed and supported by the Kuhn family and blessed by His Holiness in 1973

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