On 9th March 2016, Tibetan solidarity Movement held its 51 campaign for Tibet in front of the U.N. building, Geneve.

The organizing members distributed about 500 pamphlets to the general public and tourists to make them aware about the current plight of Tibet and to gain support for the sad and unfortunate incidents of self immolations by two teenagers,namely Dorjee Tsering (age 16,India) and Kalsang Wangye (age 18, Tibet) on the same day of 29 Feb. 2016.The members expressed their deepest sympathy to the bereaved families of these two martyrs and at the same time regretted that Tibet has lost two great nationalists.

Since 1998, 151 Tibetans(143 in Tibet and 8 in exile) have self immolated themselves as the ultimate resort to protest against the illegal Chinese occupaion in Tibet.Therefore the members put the images  of the self immolators along with their names and ages  in huge banners for the public display. As a result,the public and even some dignitaries and jounalists from different countries who are participants of impotant meetings in the U.N. became aware of the real situation in Tibet and take interest in Tibet.

The members also submitted a new report of recent self immolations to his excellency the  secretay general Mr. Ban Kyi Moon and to the high commissioner for human rights Mr. Prince Zeid Raadd Zeid Al Hussein.by Tashi Dawa.

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