Information Event organized on the proposed visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Switzerland

In view of the planned visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Switzerland, the Tibetan Community of Switzerland and Liechtenstein (TCSL) organized an information event in Jona on 25th August 2018. The two chief speakers are Mr. Ngodup Dorje, the representative, the Office of Tibet, and Ven. Geshe Thupten Legmen, the abbot of Tibet Institute, Rikon. 

The President of TCSL, Mr. Tsamda Norbu, greeted and thanked the invitees and the participants. He apologized for the delay in giving information about the event which led to only a few younger Tibetans turning up. Although for them a simultaneous translation in German from Tibetan had been arranged. He promised to work on giving timely information to the general public in the future.

Ven. Geshe Thupten Legmen, gave a brief discourse on the upcoming teachings of His Holiness, namely Nagarjuna’s “Precious Garland of the Middle Way” (umarin-chentreng-wa), Kamalashila’s “Middling Stages of Meditation” (gom-rim bar-pa), ThokmeSangpo’s “37 Practices of a Bodhisattva” (gyal-sey lag-len so-dun-ma).

The Representative, the office of Tibet, Mr. Ngodup Dorje, expressed his inability to disclose the whole details of His Holiness programmes. However, he stressed his desire that the proposed visit must be successfully coordinated. He clarified that for those who are unable to get tickets for His Holiness Teachings, live streaming on the internet with translations in eight different languages has been made possible. It was His Holiness personal wish to give teachings on these three topics as a follow up to the previous 2016 teachings. The Representative also called upon all the Tibetans to take one's duties earnestly. He pointed out that for His Holiness to enjoy adequate rest, the teachings sessions are to be held only in the mornings.

Mr. Dorje further elaborated that due to security reasons no handbags would be allowed inside the premises. During the teaching, parents must ensure that their children stay near them and children under no circumstances come unattended near the podium.

The president, the Tibetan School Commission of TCSL, Mr. Tsewang Gyatso requested the elder Tibetans to motivate their young siblings in inheriting the Tibetan language and culture. The event was attended by Mr. Samdho Jampa Tsering, the Tibetan Parliament Member, former office holders of the TCSL and Tibetans residing in the region.

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