Local Parliament Meeting of Tibetan Community of Switzerland & Liechtenstein for the year 2019

Zürich, 5th October 2019: Local Parliament meeting of 17th Executive member of Tibetan Community in Switzerland &Liechtenstein was held today on 5th October in Binz Office, Zürich for the year 2019. The meeting began at about 10am with National Anthem which was followed by a minute silence for the martyr of Tibet.  

Vice President, Mr.Chokchampa Phuntsok opened the meeting with the main points to be discussed on this meeting.

The Project (Community Hall) from the first Board meeting in the first working year was closed today.

The other three main points to be discussed today were:
1. Weekend Tibetan Language School.
2. Tibetan Newsletter & Website
3. Tibetan Folklore Ensemble (Swiss Dhoekar)

The Director of these three departments Mr.Tsewagtsang Gyamtso, (Tibetan Language School) Mr.Wakar Tsering Norbu (Newsletter & Website) Mr.Yeshi Choder (Tibetan Folklore Ensemble) submitted written report and read the brief report of their department .They explained the current situation of their department and where the improvement was needed. Other Section Thuemis (Representatives) took part in the discussion and shared their opinion and views.

Tibetan Secretary of Tibetan Community in Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Mr. Choego Dorje resigned the post due to personal reason and was replaced by Mr Meling Tashi Dawa.

During the Election of Section Thuemi on 17th Boardmember meeting, Mr. Khampa Thupten and Changten Lodoe won the Election as the Section leader of the Tibetan Community of Glarus with same vote. Mr. Changten Lodo will be responsible for the first half of the session and other half of the session will be took over by Mr.Khampa Thupten. They both took oath as Section Thuemi of Glarus.

The meeting can be watched on Tibetswiss.ch as it was live broadcasted by Cameraman Tashi Namgyal Zachuka.

Nyima Arya

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