One more Tibetan Self-Immolates at Amchok in Labrang

Tsering Dhondup

Tsering Dhondup, 34, set himself on fire, protesting against the Chinese government’s failed policies in Tibet around 8:30 am (local time) today (20 Nov) at Amchok, Labrang in north-eastern Tibet’s Amdo region.

He burned himself in front of a local mine field and died on the spot.

Tsering Dhondup is survived by his wife Tamdin Tso and his two young children.

Currently, the monks of Amchok monastery are performing his last rites and people are pouring in from all over the area to pay their last respects to him.

Tsering Dhondup is the 78th Tibetan to set himself on fire calling for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and freedom for Tibetans.

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