Peace march to combat Chinese propaganda

Started on the 4th of october from the Swiss canton of St. Gallen, around 50 Tibetan marchers from all around Switzerland haven been undertaking a peace march under the auspice of the Tibetan community of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  The march aims to highlight the plight of the Tibetans under the brutal Orwelian regime of communist China in Tibet in general and spread awareness in particular on the spate of recent self immolations in Tibet and their demands and grievances. 

Traversing the length of the country passing through several cantons, cities, towns and villages, the marchers educated and enlightened the Swiss people on ground situation inside Tibet. To combat the false propaganda spread by the Chinese authorities on Tibet in the international media and the world, the march is an attempt to bring into focus and clarity the dire human rights crisis in Tibet.  Arbitrary arrests, forced indoctrination, curtails on religious and cultural rights and imprisonment and and torture are a few of the long lists of crisis perpetrated under the aegis of the Communist regime of China in Tibet. 

Reaching on the 22nd of october in Geneva, to coincide with the Universal Periodic Review by the United Nations in which this year China's human rights policy will come up for scrutiny, the marchers will end the march with a demonstration in front of Palais Wilson, seat of the UN Human Rights Commissioner in Geneva. 

The Universal Periodic Review by the United Nations is a periodic event in which countries are scrutinized for their human rights record by groups and governments. China has been daftly escaping and fending off allegations of human rights abuses by various political and false propaganda moves. 

The march this year is an attempt to fight off the false propaganda machinery of Chinese Government and shed light on the true situation in Tibet. 

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