Rally in Zurich in solidarity with the 90 immolators in Tibet

Rally in Zurich in solidarity with the 90 immolators in Tibet

Responding to the alarming escalation of critical situation inside Tibet, the Tibetan Community of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, on the 30th of November,  called upon and organized a peace march in the city of Zurich. 

Around 1000 Tibetans and supporters had responded to the call and had gathered at  Burkliplatz, Zurich at 18. O´clock. Representative of Swiss Green party, Madam Anna Stünzi joined the rally and addressed the crowd along with the representative of Tibet-Swiss Friendship Association and the President of Tibetan New Generation Association. 

From Burkinaplatz, passing through the center-ville, the rally headed to the Chinese conciliate shouting slogans of Freedom for Tibet, Return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet and immediate stop to the brutal crackdown in Tibet. The rally had been organized in response to the continuing political and humanitarian crisis in Tibet. 90 Tibetans had self immolated at the time of the protest since the first immolation in 2009. Latest report coming out from Ngaba confirms  Kunchok Kyab, 29 years of age as the ninetieth case of such immolation. The rally is also in solidarity with the thousands of students who had gathered last week and protested for racial, language and cultural equality and freedom in Tibet to which the Chinese authorities responded with unwarranted and disproportionate show of force gravely injuring many unarmed, peaceful student protesters.

Arriving at the consulate, the rallyist raised slogans demanding an immediate stop of the brutal crackdown in Tibet and a revision of the Chinese Governments policies in Tibet. CTSR President, Mr. Lobsang Gangshontsang in his address dwelled on the urgency of the situation inside Tibet and urged the exile Tibetan communities of the free world in shouldering more responsibility of the cause.

Representatives of the Swiss chapter of the Tibetan Women's Association and European Tibetan Youth Association also addressed the crowd before handing over a petition letter to the consulate, which was left in the letter box as there was no one from the consulate to receive it.

The rally ended at around 20Hr.


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