Section Geneva welcomes Othok Rinpoche

Tibetans in Geneva gathered to listen to a religious and general talk by His eminence Othok Rinpoche from the monastic institution of shedrup choekhorling at Saléve, France. Rinpoche belongs to the Drepung Gomang monastery of Mundgod, South India and has completed his studies of Geshe lharampa and geshe ngagrampa from Drepung and gyumé monastery respectively. Rinpoche has been specially designated and send by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the Shedrup Chokhorling institution as the resident Lama with a special request to interact, guide and council the neighboring Tibetan communities on the subject of Buddhism and tradition. The event was organized by the Tibetan community of Geneva in collaboration with the office of Tibet. In the almost three hours of talk, Rinpoche spoke at length about basic tenets of buddhism and its relevance to the life in modern times along with reminding the people to try to put into practice the teachings of compassion of our buddhist culture in day to day lives. A question and answer session was followed by a petite luncheon. Dawa gyatso la and Samphel la from the Tibet bureau also attended the gathering.  Section Geneva, TCSL,  President, Mr Sonam Dorjee, in thanking Rinpoche requested him for further such audiences in the future to guide and council the Tibetan community here in matters of ethics and religion. The general public was also appreciative of the audience with  Rinpoche and wished more such gatherings in the future.

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