Several Tibetan protesters detained in India

"Today on the eve of the 52nd Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day, 52 Tibetans protested at the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi to condemn the continuing illegal occupation of Tibet and oppression of Tibetan people by the illegal Communist Chinese regime in Tibet," TYC said in a press statement released shortly after the protests.

 The organisation said 52 protesters, including 68-year old Tibetan, symbolised the 52nd anniversary.

Media reports said the protesters were quickly blocked by Indian police officers, dragged to a bus and taken to a nearby police station for questioning. 

 The protesters were likely to be released later Wednesday, AP cited Rajender Singh, head constable at the police station where the Tibetans were detained, as saying.

 "Even under the most repressive regime in the world, the Tibetan people have never given up their struggle and the quest to regain our independence. Tibetan people inside Tibet have to this day put their precious lives on the line for our country," TYC statement said.

"We, the Tibetan people will continue to demand Independence for Tibet and freedom for the Tibetan people. And today’s protest is to remind the illegal Communist Chinese regime in Tibet yet once again that we the Tibetan people will never waver from our goal to regain Tibet’s Independence and we will not rest until we oust the Communist tyrants out of Tibet," the statement added.

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