Swiss Government Fights Coronavirus Epidemic as it Bans Public and Social Gatherings

The Swiss government has called the Coronavirus epidemic as an 'exceptional situation' as it banned all public and social gatherings in order to slow down the spread of new infections amongst its citizens. An emergency press conference was held in the capital on the 16th March 2020 in Bern in view of the Coronavirus epidemic on its own soil. The Cabinet ministers who earlier held crisis meetings over the coronavirus epidemic announced a new set of rules and regulations under the Epidemic Act which has been in force since the beginning of the year 2016. The current president of the Federal Council, Mrs. Sommaruga asked each and everyone to be individually responsible and to unitedly defeat the disease. All shops, bars, restaurants and leisure, cultural places and sports facilities were ordered for closure effective from midnight the 17th March 2020. Only supermarkets, banks, pharmacy stores and a few other businesses providing essential goods were to remain open. Switzerland is one of the most affected by the deadly virus in Europe with 2700 positive tests and almost 20 deaths with the virus still spreading rapidly in almost all of its 27 cantons. The Swiss government has also called 8000 soldiers on duty, the largest of its kind since the second world war to help federal cantons successfully combat the coronavirus. The military personals are to help the public in health services, security and logistics. Travel restrictions have also been placed with only permanent residents and Swiss citizens allowed to enter Switzerland. Tourists have long been told off but those travelling for work are given way into its border. The public have been recommended to stay at home unless otherwise for purposes of work or to buying medical and food stocks.

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