The 7th Mahaguru Bumtsok (Annual Prayer Festival) in Switzerland

Samstagern: 26th May 2022: 7th Annual Mahaguru Bumtsok, the Prayer festival for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and for the wellbeing of whole sentient beings started on 26th May 2022 at Samstagern. It was held for three days 26th -  28th May 2022.

This  Prayer, Maha Guru Bumtsok was organized by the Tibetan Community of Switzerland & Liechtenstein(TCSL) in collaboration with Rikon Tibet Institute and Kunsang  Dho—Ngag-Ling Tsechu Tsokpa.

This year Khen Rinpoche, Ven Thupten Legmen, Abbot of Rikon Tibet Institute was the Head Lama to lead the Prayers.

The Prayer Ceremony begin at 8.30 a.m. with a Welcome ceremony of the U-lha as Head Lama of Maha Guru Bumtsok ( Prayer Festival) followed by an offering of a Mandala by Maha Guru Bumtsok Committee.

Ms. Karma Choekyi, President of Tibetan Community in Switzerland& Liechtenstein welcomed all, by introducing Brief history of Maha Guru Bumtsok in Switzerland.

Because of COVID-19 Pandemic , the Prayer Festival cannot be taken Place for two years. Tibetan Community of Switzerland has been organizing the Mahaguru Bumtsok every year since 2014. The main aim is to pray for the long life and well-being of His Holiness the Dalai-Lama and of all other great spiritual Lamas, and for the Tibetan Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Tibet and to spread the message of Peace and Harmony in the World.

Ven Thupten Legmen, Khen Rinpoche of Rikon Tibet Institute, addressed the Public and explained the purpose and benefit of Mahaguru Bumtsok.

The Prayer gathering was attended by over approximately 300 people with full sincere religious fervor. For the three days, the prayer Session started at 8.30 am in the morning and lasted till around 6.30 p.m. in the evening. Delicious Lunch/Dinner/Mineral water/Tibetan Tea ( Boethcha) / Sweat Tea ( Chai) was served to the public for all three days.

Special Donors were honoured with Certificates of Gratitude with Khatak.

The great annual religious Event, Mahaguru Bumtsok successfully concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Karma Choekyi, President of the Tibetan Community of Switzerland & Liechtenstein. She thanked the Kunsang Dho-ngag-Ling Tsechu  Tsokpa, Rikon Tibet Institute, and all the Supporters and the Public for making this religious Event possible and successful.

On the last day, the Public paid Homage to Guru Rinpoche‘s Statue, received Blessing and went Home happily and satisfactorily with Tsok offering.

TSOK: The practice of Ganachakra offering is a supreme and profound act of generosity, the perfection of giving.
It also means „gathering „ We gather together the things we‘re offering and we ourselves gather together to do the practice. Gathering together with other practitioners, and concentrating our minds in the same space, gives us great inspiration. It is much better than just doing puja alone in our rooms. This is the Tibetan connotation of Tsok.
Tsok in the Tibetan tradition is a most profound method of purification, a profound way of gaining realizations. The practice of Tsok is a powerful method for accumulating merit and wisdom.

As Maha Guru Bumtsok covers the entire path to enlightenment from beginning to end, it is good that we come together to develop single-pointedness of mind, one hundred people‘s minds all meeting at the same place becomes very powerful.
Thus it is not only a collective religious prayer but also a symbol of Tibetan Unity.

The newly Guru Rinpoche idol during the ceremony is provided through the courtesy of Swiss National Ngagyur Nyingma Association. More details can be found in the attached Pdf (Tibetan) below.

Nyima Arya

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