Tibetan Community Wädenswil presented Tibetan culture during Wädi Chilbi

The famous Wädi Chilbi, a yearly “Fair of Wädenswil” and the greatest of its kind around the Lake of Zürich took place from 25-27 August 2012.

Like every year Tibetan Community Wädenswil presented Tibetan culture by selling delicious Momo, Sha-bhakleb, Bhöd-Chang (Home-made Traditional Rice Wine) & etc. inside a tent decorated with Tibetan touches and a back-ground Tibetan Music-both traditional and modern mix.

The sales proceed is used to cover the weekend Tibetan language school for the community children and other community related expenses.

The visitors seemed to loved the Tibetan experience and the Regional Newspaper (Zürichsee-Zeitung) stated in their news report of Monday, 27 August...”In the jammed tent of the Tibetan Community Wädenswil you will get delicious steamed dumplings (Momo) with beef filling…” And “Despite the torrential like heavy rains on the tent roof to the extent that you have to talk loud, the good mood inside the tent with much giggling and laughing remain unchanged”.

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