Tibetans and Japanese Pray for Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

TOKYO: The Tibetan community in Japan organised a prayer gathering at Gokokuji Temple in Tokyo in which some 60 people participated despite the radiation fear lurking in the city. The prayer gathering was in tandem with the one held in Dharamsala and other monasteries in India for the people affected by the massive earthquake in Japan.

Mr Tsewang Gyalpo Arya of Liaison Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that the prayer gathering is for all those who lost their lives in the disaster, and to pray for a speedy recovery and for those who are still suffering in the region. "Tibetan people would like to express our sympathy and solidarity with the Japanese people at this difficult period. Japan has been a generous nation in the hour of natural disasters, its time the world repay the debt," he said.

Mr Lobsang, chairman of the Tibetan community in Japan, thanked the participants and led the prayers session along with Ven Kobayashi. Heart Sutra or Sherab Nyingpo was recited many times both in Tibetan and Japanese during the four-hour prayer service at the Gokokuji Temple.

Japanese participants thanked the organisers and individual Tibetans for convening this prayer gathering. A lady said in tears that she was grateful that His Holiness has performed prayers in Dharamsala for the people who were affected by the unprecedented natural tragedy in Japan.

An earthquake of 9.0-magnitude and the subsequent tsunami struck the north-eastern Japan on 11 March, which has left thousands dead and caused huge loss to public property. At the moment the government is trying its best to control the nuclear plants in Fukushima from exploding.

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