Tibetans in Taiwan appeal for help end China's crackdown on Ngaba

Tibetans submit appeal letter at a government office in Taipei

TAIPEI: A group of Tibetans headed by Mr Dachompa, the president of Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association, have submitted an urgent appeal letter to the Taiwanese government and other foreign representative offices based in Taipei about the crisis in Ngaba in northeastern Tibet on 9 May. 

In their written petition, the Tibetans have appealed to the respective governments to take legal measures to immediately stop the crackdown on monks of Kirti Monastery and lay Tibetans in Ngaba. 

It also asked them to encourage the Chinese government to allow freedom of press inside Tibet. 

The Office of the President, Office of the Executive Yuan and the Office of Legislative Yuan have acknowledged the petition filed by the Tibetans. They have subsequently forwarded the petition to American Institute in Taipei, Representative office of Canada, Australian Commerce and Industry Office, Representative office of United Kingdom and India Taipei Association.

"The initiative is part of our 
efforts to call on the international community to help defuse the worsening situation in Ngaba," said Mr Dachompa.

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