Tibet's Leader Confident, Tibet Issue Will Be Solved In His Lifetime

The Tibet Post International    .Dharamshala: In Mumbai last Friday, the political and spiritual leader of Tibet His Holiness the Dalai Lama didn't show a shadow of a doubt concerning the resolution of the Tibetan issue. In answer to a question about whether it would be solved within his lifetime, he asserted: "Of course it will, it definitely will, I am confident it will."
His Holiness underlined the increasing support of Chinese people to the Tibetan cause and presented it as as positive factor for an upcoming resolution. "There are more Chinese people than ever supporting the Tibetan cause", he said.

According to the Times of India, His Holiness asserted that Tibet's long struggle for freedom would soon end. "It is my belief that it will not be a loss for one and triumph for another. It will be a victory for all", he declared after a lecture given at the Mumbai University on the topic of "Ancient Wisdom and Modern Thoughts".

He quoted history and past conflicts in Europe, pinpointing the fact that though Germany and France had been enemies during the world wars, they were now working in unity within the European Union.

Talking about modern China, His Holiness pointed out that "genuine socialism is no longer there", but rather "a communist party without communist ideology. Capitalist communism: this is new". He took the opportunity to allude to "the life of some Indian communists and a few leaders of the Indian communist party", which he heard to be "more bourgeois than socialist."

Describing Indians as "gurus" and Tibetans as "chelas" (disciples), His Holiness also told the Indian public that "essentially we (Tibetans) learn from you." He added though that "the caste system, dowry, discrimination, these may be a part of your tradition but it is outdated, and must change. The youth must change some of these... From your chela this is constructive criticism. Sometimes you are little bit lazy. You must be more hardworking, with full self-confidence to work hard."

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