TYC raps China over accusation of terrorist outfit

Dharamshala, March 31: Tibetan Youth Congress, single largest NGO based here on Thursday, slammed China over accusation in a recent article that described the organization as a “terrorist” group.

 In a recent article printed on People’s Daily, a mouth piece of the Communist regime, it labeled Lobsang Sangay, one of the leading candidates hopeful of the next Prime Minister, as a “terrorist” for his work as an executive member of TYC earlier.

TYC rubbished the article which was titled “Terrorist poised to rule Tibetan government-in-exile” and takes a direct dig at Lobsang Sangay  - who is leading the race for the next Prime Minister – and the youth organization.

 TYC said Tibetan government-in-exile had Prime Ministers (Kalon Tripa) who used to be members of the organization. 

“In the history of the Tibetan exile government, three Kalon Tripas: Tenzin Namgyal Tethong, Sonam Topgyal and Prof Samdhong Rinpoche has not only held positions in the TYC Central Executive Office but some of them were also founding members of TYC,” TYC said in a letter.

 “During the entire tenure of the Prof Samdhong Rinpoche as Kalon Tripa of the Tibetan government-in-Exile for the last ten years, were there any campaign activities organised under his leadership that was violent or terror-like?” TYC questioned challenging the allegation made in the article.

 TYC said the article was deliberately targeted at and timed with the Dalai Lama’s call for end to his political leadership and relinquishing the role to an elected leader – a major development in the Tibetan polity that received wide coverage media coverage.

 TYC also questioned the integrity of the Li Hongmei who wrote article saying that she is a “mouthpiece who will only repeat the rhetoricof the government.”

 TYC is the largest exile based organization with 81 branch chapters and 30000 registered members worldwide. The organization struggles for Tibet’s independence while the official political stand seeks meaningful autonomy for Tibet from China.

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