UN SEND FACT-FINDING MISSION TO TIBET NOW! 7th action Women’s rights in Tibet (including freedom of religion and freedom of speech)

As part of the 2 year campaign UN SEND FACT FINDING MISSION TO TIBET NOW!The 7th Campaign before the UN building on the Place des nation held in Geneva.There are around 50 people attend the peaceful rally on the theme “ Women’s  rights in Tibet” to the serious human rights violations and the disregards for Women’s rights ( Including through forced abortion and sterilizations ) pointed
After being welcomed by the Thümis have a moment of silence as a mark of respect and in the memory of the Tibetans who self-immolated in Tibet to highlight the present desperate circumstances in Tibet. Thereafter, the Tibetan national anthem sung and it was followed a speech by Mrs. Lamdrak Pema La , President of Tibetan women’s Organization in Switzerland (TFOS).

Then came the day program, alternately consisted of prayers, silence (with a bandaged mouth) and slogans shouting.  Simultaneously collected during the entire campaign signatures (Petition), distributed Media Release leaflets and role plays presented (Tibetan nun, the Chinese of two soldiers captured, tied up and being tortured is) Towards the end of the action was once again sang the Tibetan national anthem and spoken the final word, including acknowledgments.

On this occasion, the three Thümis would like again to thank the section members, the supporter and very special thank to the President and the present board members of TFOS,And the two ex - political prisoners (Two former nuns) Ani Phuntsok Nyidül La and Ani Tashi Dolma  La and Christophe Besuchet and Tibet office from Geneva  and TCSL Vice- President   Lobsang Shitsetsang for their unconditional support.
Thank you and Böd Gyalo! Tsering T Thundup Shawa   Volketswil Thümi. Pictures  Video..

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