Week long single action in Glarus of Sara Dawa

During a week,  starting on December 19th, 2011 until December 24th, 2011 Sara Dawa has collected signatures in Glarus for the Tibetan. With his action he wanted to bring in his home canton the attention to the recent self immolation cases in Tibet resp. the desperate Tibetans in Tibet. Sara Dawa has started on March 10th, 2011 a year long project by travelling every 10th of the month to Geneva and doing prostration in front of the United Nations and demanding some points such as:Allow His Holiness a pilgrimage travel to the holy mountain Wutaishang, release of all political prisoners who are in prison without a fair trail etc. Sara Dawa thinks that it is very important that also the people from the canton Glarus are informed about the sad situation in Tibet. The reaction of the people in canton Glarus was very good, many of them have supported his petition by signing it. Some of them have encouraged him and the Tibetans not to give up the peaceful struggle for Tibet. Photos..

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